The game of really, really tough choices!

You’ve seen the who’s who of Hollywood playing it, now it’s your turn to play the new party game Who’d You Rather? Sometimes awkward, often revealing and always funny, it’s the game that asks difficult questions starting with the words “Who’d You Rather?” Whether it’s two celebrities, famous people or fictional characters, you get to choose your preferences while trying to guess what other players are into.

The game of really, really tough celebrity choices!

Who’d you rather…
sing with in the shower?

Ellen and TMZ love it…now it’s your turn to play the celeb based, twisted fantasy party game: Who’d You Rather?

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to sing in the shower with Donald Trump? Have you ever wanted to know what it feels like to get a sponge bath from Martha Stewart? Do you think your friends will be able to guess what you’re into?

Personalise the cards with custom answers!

Whether it’s your favourite teacher or high school crush, give the game a big twist with the printable answer cards. Create your own custom party board game – try it out!

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Contents include:

100 x Question cards, 100 x Female Choice cards, 100 x Male Choice cards, 8 x A cards, 8 x B cards, 16 x 100% correct cards, 150 x tokens, rules